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 Chiptune artist ‘Wet Mango’ will be a guest on the Video Game Music Show this Friday (Oct 15th) from 6 -8pm.  She will be doing an interview and a live performance.

Wet Mango is Cristina Fuentes’s solo gameboy project started in 2008. She also has a project with Baseck called Sonic Death Rabbit which is chiptune based. Currently Wet Mango is using two GameBoy Color’s with LSDJ, The Korg DS-10, and a small synthesizer. She’s a sucker for the four to the floor and really wanted to have a project less about performance, more focused on programming, but still containing a wide range of vocals. Freestyle, Hip Hop, Acid, Industrial, Gabber and all other kinds of electronic based music combine unconsciously in her beats. She loves simplicity and the thick yet separated layers of pop music, which explains the more dance feel to this project. But because of her love for experimental electronics it’s still on the dirty, glitchy, broken up, and heavy side.