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Troy Noka paid a visit to KSPC studios and spoke with KSPC DJ Nefrettiti of Merry Go Sound. Listen live to the pre-recorded interview on Saturday, October 22nd, 5pm – 7pm.


Troy Nōka is a recent Grammy award-winning triple threat record producer, songwriter and pianists who is taking the music world by storm as a thriving Hip Hop recording artist.

Nōka tapped into his creative energy early on while living abroad in Europe and began producing beats using a Sony PlayStation at the bold age of 15. After gaining confidence, he then made a fearless move to Los Angeles at the age of 18, where he sought out books on engineering and opportunities to study under seasoned engineers. This golden opportunity led to an engineering job with Chris Spilfogel from the production duo The Underdogs. After hearing one of Nōka’s tracks produced with close friend and record producer Brian Kennedy, he was asked to become part of The Underdogs production team. The new opportunity allowed Nōka to grow as a producer and learn from experienced writers and producers in the industry, which later led to meeting and collaborating with major artists.

Troy Nōka since then has production credits with some of the biggest names in music such as Frank Ocean, Miguel, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Brown, Ciara, Dom Kennedy, Tyga, Backstreet Boys, Cody Simpson, Angel Haze and most recently Doja Cat.


Despite his success as a record producer, Nōka’s true aspiration was to inspire audiences through his music as a Hip Hop artist. Nōka’s true passion for music, art and fashion is presented uniquely through all of his work. His music reflects his own persona, striving to be a strong, driven, positive influence by sharing deep and vulnerable experiences with his listeners.

Nōka’s inevitable need to connect with his listeners can be witnessed as he performs for high school students during his Gotta Rep The School Tour. The tour is his way of giving back to the community and guiding the youth on a path that will lead them to a more disciplined and proactive lifestyle that is abundant with success.

Being in Troy Nōka’s sphere during his Claremont High School performance was a great joy as he makes his artistry seem effortless and continues to remain positive and focused. Nōka is very keen when it comes to welcoming and collaborating with talented artist who mirror his goals and aspirations as he has many “good ones” in his life.

This young man seriously needs to be cloned!
– DJ Nefrettiti of Merry Go Sound