#1 @ KSPC – V/A – What is Happening…


Album: What is Happening…

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Big Whup Industries

What is Happening… has been number one on the KSPC charts since it’s debut.  Make sure you check out this awesome compilation of local artists.  To see last week’s review of the album click here.

Track list:

Adrian the Mighty “How Long?”
Big Whup  “¡Yaaay!”
Pizza! “Griffith Park Fire”
Voice on Tape “Sister May I”
So Many Wizards “Fly a Kite”
Jonesin’ “Bummer Summer”
AM “Roce et Roule”
Puppy Dog “Harmoniums”
Avacaderia  “Sri Ganesa”
Facts on File “Keep it Together”
Julia Holter “In the Same Room”
Girl Band “The Word”
Dnonkong “In the Oceanery”
American Gil and the Major Dudes f/ John Thill and Golden Boots “Lunchtime Riverside (Tucson version)”
Dirt Dress “An Introduction”
Okie Dokie  “Capital Glad Passion”
God=Genocide  “Crazy”
Nicole Kidman “Popular”
No Paws (No Lions) “Robert”
Ancient Crux “Strange Situation”
Big Whup  “Trim”
Audacity “the Feds”
Uli & the Gringos “Parara”

This is KSPC’s #1 album for the week of November 23, 2009


  1. “What is Happening…” Compilation, heard by the masses! « Big Whup Industries - December 9, 2009

    […] We just discovered that it debuted at #1 on the <a href=”http://www.kspc.org”>KSPC</a&gt; charts last month. <a href=”http://kspc.org/blog/?p=300″>Here is a link</a> to a feature on the compilation from their blog, and it features another link to a short review of the CD. We are also stoked to hear that we’ve got the #3 record at <a href=”http://www.kxlu.com/”>KXLU.</a&gt; […]

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