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Teenage Shutdown

Here is my list of favorite things:

1. Sleep

2. Food

3. My Birthday

4.  The Teenage Shutdown compilations! Recently I discovered these in KSPC’s music library and cried my eyes out in sheer wonder and happiness (I am only kind of exaggerating.) These garage/psych records compile various obscure groups from the 60’s in a series of 15 splendid albums with titles like “Jump, Jive, Harmonize! Pulverizing, All-Out Garage Punk Dance Ravers” (Vol 1) and “The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square: Paint-Peeling Garage Punk Monsters!!!” The aforementioned volume – volume 10 – is by far my FAVORITE, largely for the Sound Barrier song “Hey Hey” which features the authentic sound of bottles being cracked on pavement, coupled with jangly guitars and generally androgynous vocals (I think it’s a dude singing, but if you have more insight on this, plz let me know.) Some other especially excellent tracks include the awkwardly resentful “I Feel Like Crying” by the Sound Extraction (off Vol. 2) and the scream-filled “Gorilla” by the Shandles (off Vol. 1.) I have yet to acquire all of these volumes, but every time I get a new one, my quality of life rises significantly.

IN THE FUTURE I will update about the amazing KSPC sponsored Karl Blau show that happened at the Claremont Colleges this past weekend. So keep reading for that!

-Jane (of Drain on Yr Brain)