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Album: Manners
Artist: Passion Pit
Label: Frenchkiss

Passion Pit’s first full-length release, “Manners,” incorporates and highlights Micheal Angelakos’ signature falsetto vocals.  While Manners dances along the line of becoming overly poppy and danceable, whether he crosses that line becomes a matter of personal taste.  Angelakos has crammed this album full of as many synth riffs and pulsing bass beats as humanly possible, and on a track-to-track basis, this album is a lot of fun, but if you listen to it all at once, you may need to take a step back from your stereo. Since the release of “Manners,” Passion Pit has continued to climb its way up the KSPC charts, moving up five spots, until it has finally reached number one.  While this album has received a lot of well deserved attention, we congratulate them for making it to number one here at KSPC.

This is KSPC’s #1 album for the week of June 15, 2009.
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