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The influence of Feist (who did vocals for the fourth and ninth tracks) and Erik Glambek-Boe of Kings of Convenience are comfortably, though not distractingly, evident in the work of nor-Cal’s Rubies. Explode from the Center consists of exceptionally pretty indie pop songs incorporating elements of disco, folk, electronic, and R&B, drawing comparisons to Au Revior Simone and the Whitest Boy Alive. However for a more accurate description, picture if you will, a wallflower at his high school reunion. He taps his feet, ludicrously pink punch dappled with the diamond reflections of the disco ball when, like two impala separated by a pride of lions, he locks eyes with his unattainable romantic interest of former years. About to speak, he is swept by the nostalgic masses into a sudden dance off. Spurred by the fervor of love and the heat of the summery night, our hero performs an enviable hustle. The admiring crowd parts and a concluding twirl catapults him into the arms of the one he has yearned for all these years, reunited for one final slow dance.