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Albums: These Four Walls

Artist: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Label: Fat Cat


Scottish indie rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks have put together a solid pop album that combines epic, building post-rock with passionate vocals and post-punk darkness.  While they follow the formula for epic anthems, dark intonations, raw emotion rescues them from being overly generic.  Tracks are propelled by prominent drums and rhythm guitar.  While the lyrics can become repetitive, the vocals are passionate and youthful (the band’s average age at the time of this recording was 21). Play these guys somewhere between Joy Division, Explosions in the Sky, and your favorite indie pop hit.  We Were Promised Jetpacks have floated around the KSPC charts for quite sometime, and after slipping off last week, they were finally able to rocket up to the number one spot!

This is KSPC’s #1 album for the week of August 10, 2009

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