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Album: Wilderness EP

Artist: Wilderness

Label – Self Released


Nothing beats a house show. Festivals are fun, and Los Angeles is riddled with cozy venues and musician-friendly cafes. But none of them compare to wandering the dusty Rancho Cucamonga suburbs, following your ears to a little house packed with local musicians. People mill around the yard, jamming and smoking.  In the garage, Wilderness is in beginning their set. Not only are they really nice kids, but they know what they’re doing. Laura’s voice is simultaneously ferocious and catchy, and the boys work well together as musicians. The result is melodic, poppy garage rock with a punk edge. The production is great for a self-release, standing out by avoiding the trendy pit of pseudo-lo-fi. Wilderness are local kids doing something interesting and fun- just ask KSPC’s DJs, who have been spinning their self-titled EP like crazy ever since they got their hands on it. Wilderness has shot up the KSPC charts from the number 3 spot, finally landing comfortably at number 1.

This is KSPC’s #1 album for the week of August 24, 2009

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***Want to hear more? Wilderness will be playing a live in-studio on Hopscotch with DJ Special K on Friday, September 11, from 8-10 pm!***