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Album Review and Recipe! For your eyes, ears, mouth and nose- Halloween Edition


By Vivian Ponte-Fritz

Apparat- The Devil’ Walk (MUTE Records)

This album contains a hug variety of voices that dictate the story of romantic and mechanical heartbeats. These guys sound like cool layers of sound stolen from the sountracks o forrests, villages and ities all over the world. I warmed up to this album more and more, the more I listened to it, the deeper I got. The very melancholic tone is formed by disonant beats and wavering melodies. Voices layer and are isolated. “Escape” and “Candil de la Calle” are good examples of this feel. “Escape” is somewhat chilling and soothing like water droplets on your back, while “Candil de la Calle” moves faster and pulsates.  My other favorite track on the album is “Goodbye ft. Soap & Skin”. This heart beat of a song fills the air like art fills a large gallery space. It is heavy and whispery, if you were to dress up as a beautiful ghost for halloween, this song should follow you to each house you trick or treat up to.

While The Devil’s Walk will not be the best album to put on at the boogie down part of your Halloween bash, it is filled with songs to creepily fall asleep to and to listen to the following morning, as you sadly wipe away your zombie makeup and sort your almond joys.

Here is a recipe to treat yourself, safely and sweetly. Accompany your baking time with this spacy, weaving album that gives a new feel to the diabolic path he devil walks.

Homemade Almond Joys



or if you are in the mood for someting savory try this:

Cauldron Curry

Cauldron Curry

and here is Apparat Live! (SPOOKY)