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A Recipe For Music to My Mouth

By Vivian Ponte-Fritz

Antibalas-Antibalas (Daptone Records)


This album is the newest addition to the discography of this epic and large band from Brooklyn, New York. Unmistakably mixed and varied like their hometown, Antibalas spits out a new addition to their politically charged, though somewhat subtly, musical mixes.

This album is one funky groove that emulates the 1970’s Afro-psychedelia style of the Lijadu Sisters, Fela Kuti and Tony Allen. It differs from the more techno- modernist influenced sounds of Antibalas’ past releases. It is more directly funny and fun than their “Security” (2007) and “Who is this America?” (2004). Five years later they are still just as aware and still stand by their peacemaking name (meaning bulletproof). They send us a message that cries out against bureaucracy, war, violence and capitalist regimes. The more mild influence that these factors play in present day Brooklyn versus 1970’s Nigeria could be an explanation for the sense of humor that they have the luxury to impose on the issues. The music video for “Dirty Money”, their first track on the new album, speaks to this sense of humor. Using Muppet characters to depict their story shows their playfulness, which is also very apparent in the sound stories they spin with the wit of Anansi the spider.

Here I will pair this album of long, enjoyable, groove jams with a fun recipe for muffins that I made this morning:

or these

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Speckled with the colors of the season, as Antibalas speckles their grooves with commentary on contemporary issues! Is this a stretch? That is for you to decide after trying a dang muffin.

This is my favorite track from this awesome new album: