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Kspc Hadentriplets-Jomccaughey

So THAT’S what Americana is. This is the first album I have heard that truly seems to invite me to witness the home life of a family. Growing up, the Haden Triplets were surrounded by old country songs, Yiddish songs, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Ornette Coleman, and more. These sources obviously greatly influenced the album, as everything about the songs feels genuine and soulful.

From track one, you are transported into the country home of the Triplets. “Single Girl, Married Girl” takes you by the hand to go dancing out in the field near the creek. You then go cuddle up in blankets by the fire to wait out the rain on “Raining Raining.” You sit out on the porch on “When I Stop Dreaming,” watching the fireflies and holding hands. “My Baby’s Gone” invites you to the unofficial gatherings at the tavern, the Triplets playing on the small stage as people talk over a beer. Finally, you stomp and clap by the campfire under the stars with “Oh Take Me Back.” Maybe it’s the fact that the songs were recorded on one microphone in a living room, but these songs just evoke an unbelievable sense of “home.”

I’ve always enjoyed Americana music since my childhood, mostly thanks to my mom’s musical tastes. I just never realized what Americana was as a musical genre; I thought it was a type of coffee. Thus, I thank the Haden Triplets for reminding me of what genuine Americana music sounds like, but even more what it invokes in the listener. The warm fuzziness that rises in me while listening to the Triplets is something I’ve been missing in my music for a while, without realizing it.

Welcome back to my life, Americana music. I can’t wait to review some more of your CDs.

Kai, KSPC Blogger