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Kspc New Manners

As I sat in the library listening to New Manners’s EP, I plugged into transformational sounds that could have easily been the soundtrack to an indie-teen movie starring and angst-y Miles Teller (alla Spectacular Now). The soft alternative rock sounds were warm without being upbeat and happened to perfectly compliment the green tea I was sipping on. The slow-life feel of this album makes it the perfect soundtrack to summer (which is pretty much everyday here in Claremont).

The second track of their EP, “Take What’s Yours,” sounded like a love child between Death Cab and the Killers: the sound is pretty mellow with hints of Brandon Flowers twang and a guitar whine every once and a while. “Don’t Mind It” was one of my favorite tracks because of its variation of tempo. It was a slight deviation from the general sound of the album. It plainly, and honestly, states, “I don’t want to be alone, ‘cause its hard.” Simple. True. Honest.

For a more upbeat track, try “Selfish Ghost,” a song that will surely put a tap in your foot and a swing in your hip.

“Oh, how my heart jokes around as its crying out for you” from the track, “Taillight” is just one example of the many relatable and typical teenage witticisms sprinkled through the band’s songs. Additionally, the varying major and minor keys on the bridge make my heart jump and sink all at once.

Quite honestly, New Manners isn’t attempting a sound that is entirely “new,” but I don’t think that they need to. Yes, they are reminiscent of other indie-rock alternative bands that boys brood to and girls swoon to, but I think it worked. The instruments mesh flawlessly together, accompanying the singer’s soft, warm, and engaging voice, which sounds vaguely like Seth Avett (of the Avett Brothers). This band is perfect for fans of: Snow Patrol, Of Monsters and Men, the Shins, Young the Giant.

New Manners is not very new, but is very now. Their Shins-esque rock-stylings make them the typical college-coffee shop background band. Though I am not suggesting that New Manners’s music is simply meant to be listened to in passing. Their EP is composed of not only masterfully crafted instrumental pieces, but lyrics uncluttered by extended metaphors and subtle, yet pointed stories. So if you “want a love that’s ‘Natural’,” look no further than the beautifully crafted New Manners EP. Regardless of its familiar sound New Manners is definitely making its debut on the soundtrack-to-my-summer playlist.

-Nooshin, KSPC Blogger