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Wild Nothing is the one man project of Virgina-based musician, Jack Tatum. Golden Haze is the EP follow up to his debut album, Gemini. Strongly influenced by 1980s UK bands like Joy Division and the Smiths, Golden Haze is packed full of mid-tempo, layered indie-pop. Tatum expertly weaves delicate guitar and synth lines together over bouncy bass and drum parts. Tatum crafts clean, crisp guitar-pop.

The 20-minute long EP is a consistent and strong affair throughout, no track feeling out of place or unnecessary. The title track and strongest song on the EP, “Golden Haze,” is a perfect example of what Tatum does so wonderfully. A catchy guitar line repeats throughout the track, Tatum’s dreamy and melancholy vocals floating lazily over a steady drum beat. Other standouts include “Your Rabbit Feet” and closer “Vultures Like Lovers,” a change of pace from the rest of the EP, coating a catchy pop song in reverb and introducing Animal Collective-esque vocals. This is perfect music for driving around in the rain, thinking about some cute girl you have a crush on. She probably has bangs.

Golden Haze was released October 12, 2010 on Captured Tracks.

Review by Joseph Ocon