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Hobo A Go Go

Baby Bloggers review: New Bloggers give insight on some older tunes in the big old stack of CD’s in the KSPC collection.

By Vivian Ponte-Fritz, Sophie Way, Katie Shepley, Gage Taylor, and Pablo Baeza

Hobo – a – go – go, The Official Tour Album released on We’re Twins Records.

V: Whispery voice tells an intimate tale and accompanies varied sounds.

P: Dusty, Lo-Fi acoustic sadness with the kind of vocal production reminiscent of your high school best friend’s younger brother singing into a bathroom mirror, thinking that he’s Arthur Rimbaud, or maybe Bright Eyes.

G: Lo-fi, reminiscent of early Bright Eyes. It sounds very private and hushed.

S: Lonely dude sitting on a porch with a thrumming string track, singin’ into a fan. Probably dusty, probably hasn’t showered in a while.