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Baby Bloggers review: New Bloggers give insight on some older tunes in the big old stack of CD’s in the KSPC collection.

This review is of  Habib Koite and Bamada – MA YA (Putumayo World Music)

By Vivian Ponte-Fritz, Sophie Way, Katie Shepley, Gage Taylor, and Pablo Baeza

V: Afro bump, This track feels like a rambling depiction of lost love in hot weather, speckled with funkier spoken word, rhythmic breakdowns with a bit of call and response . Maybe a collaborative feeling of appreciation for the bouncing bass and melodic guitar. Rises spirits as it goes. Breaks to djembe solo that could get you dancing. Many voices weave a story of many elements, styles, and rhythms.

S: Plunky and then suddenly real groovy non-English vocals, funky feel, water drippy, almost like a sitting on timpani/ steel drums combo. Some great timbale-esque percussion action riffs.

G: The vocals fare a sort of uplifting effect outside of the words meaning. Jangly, almost bouncy guitar accompanies. With a nice sliding bass. Too energetic to be chill, but too chill to dance to. The voice is smooth, goes well with the rolling beat. Fluid. The percussion seems to carry most of the energy of the song.

P: Bright, clean production meets mid-tempo guitar funk and laid-back drumming. Singing, call-and-response, chants, speaking – the vocal charisma of the front man is evident in his playful, relaxed swagger.

K: Upbeat, tuneful, acoustic vibe, perfect driving music for cruising down the highway. It is contrasting sections with more predominant vocals emphasizes the beat-a classic, fun, foot-tap tune.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!Habib Koite Bamada Maya