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Unveiled below are just a few of the finest musical gems, old and new, to be found and listened to and loved from the depths of the KSPC basement. Handpicked and recommended to you by your dedicated music directors <3
Electronic Director: Tyler Cohen
CD or Vinyl: Vinyl
Title: Skip School EP
Artist: Strip Steve
Label: Boys Noize
Some energetic Daft Punk-ish electronic music. My favorite track is Tommy Boy
World Music Director: Jacob Moe
CD or Vinyl: CD
Title: Nobody Can Live Forever
Artist: Tim Maia
Label: Luaka Bop Records
Afro-tropical Brazilian Funk from the ’70s from a man with a long arrest record!
Americana Director: Justyna Bicz
CD or Vinyl: Vinyl
The Thinking Fellers Uni The Natural Finge 514825
Title: The Natural Finger EP
Artist: Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Label: Ajax
Super cool experimental indie band from the Bay, active in the 90’s. I was introduced to the band when a listener requested it during my show. Plus all the records have rocking album art!
Hip-Hop Director: Jonah Raduns-Silverstein
CD or Vinyl: CD
Title: Language of My World
Artist: Macklemore
Label: NWX
He’s getting bigger new with the upcoming release of his new album, The Heist, but this 2005 classic has incredible range for an indie rapper and he keeps coming and coming with irresistible flows, beats and life.
CD or Vinyl:Vinyl
Title: Black Snake
Artist: John Lee Hooker
Just great old time blues where Mr. Hooker just croons and plucks like no body’s business.
Loud Rock Director: Julian Rippy
CD or Vinyl: CD (New)
Title: DECA
Artist: Ruptures
Label: (Self-Released)
Great hardcore album by a local band, every song is short and sweet. This album has a nice range of sounds, from fast moshy songs to more laid-back instrumentals.
CD or Vinyl: CD (Library)
Imgres 2
Title: Vaya
Artist: At the Drive-In
Label: Fearless
At the Drive-In are a seminal post-hardcore band and this is EP shows where the band was musically before they got on MTV and Leno. Metronome Arthritis might be ATDI’s best song.
Asst. Underground MD: Ari Mygatt
CD or Vinyl: Vinyl
Title: New Traditionalists
Artist: DEVO
Label: Warner Bros
I’ve only played Beautiful World off of it since finding it a few weeks ago, but oh Lordy did it go over well.
Asst. Underground MD: Julia Ringo
CD or Vinyl: CD
Imgres 21
Title: Precis
Artist: Benoit Pioulard
Label: Kranky
Beautiful, cerebral, deeply felt dream-pop. He’s actually American,
despite the name (he’s really some guy from Michigan named Thomas
Asst. Underground MD: Aparna Sarkar
CD or vinyl: CD
Imgres 3
Title: Out of Your Mind
Artist: Dub Narcotic Sound System
Label: K
Calvin Johnson’s twee-ed out indie funk band, named after the Dub Narcotic recording studio of K records. Generally grungy and consistently strange; you will want to play “Basemess” literally forever.
Music Director: Amaru Tejeda
CD or Vinyl: Vinyl
Imgres 4
Title: Minuteflag
Artist: Minuteflag
Label: SST
A collaboration between Black Flag and the Minutemen;
what a genius pairing! A bit jammy, a bit surfy, a lot of cool. I
didn’t even know this existed until I stumbled upon it a few months
ago. The opening track, “Fetch the Water,” is a must play.
the Music Department
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