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By Vivian Ponte-Fritz

Il Fullxfull91

I played some some scary themed songs on the radio this week and in the spirit of all hallows eve and halloween and dia de los muertos I started wondering what other scary songs people love are!

I played:

Reagan’s Skeleton – Yeasayer

Lightning – Bright Moments

I Fell In Love With a Dead Body – Antony and the Johnsons

Bombs in the Night – Dinosaur Bones

When All is Dead – Yellow Ostrich

The Rat Catcher – Antibalas

and more!

like this little gem:
Let us lend an ear to your personal mummy jams or ghoul grooves and post your favorite scary songs here!We can all get down to the monster mash and the soundtrack of Rocky Horror. But seeing as this is an independent music based radio station I am sure  our listeners are bumping some tunes that are delightfully unsavory and spooky in their own unique ways!