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Faun Fables

On Thursday, February 12, KSPC turns 53 years young! Come celebrate KSPC and its many years in your ears at a KSPC Blowout! Concert featuring

as well as cupcakes and merrymaking!

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Show starts at 9pm

at the Motley Coffeehouse, campus of Scripps College

“FAUN FABLES is Dawn McCarthy’s vivid imagination come to life in song and theater, made to explore human pathos amid an animate earth with musical & physical storytelling forms. It has been attracting a devoted and eclectic following since 1997 with numerous performances throughout North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and five record releases distributed worldwide .. City Records: EARLY SONG, MOTHER TWILIGHT, FAMILY ALBUM, THE TRANSIT RIDER, and A TABLE FORGOTTEN.”

Thursday’s performance will include Dawn and her partner Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Idiot Flesh), and perhaps a glimpse of the latest addition to their family, Edda Faun Frykdahl! (awwwwww…..)