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Have a Nice Life Concert Recap

Since Have a Nice Life’s bone-chilling Deathconsciousness debuted just over a decade ago, the album attracted a small but growing cult following. To describe the album, or any attempt to convey its devastating potency, is futile - it’s best to let it speak for itself. When performed live, its bleakness, hopelessness, and sheer ennui bleeds out of every moment like lacerations.
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Tropicália 2017 Preview

Tropicália Music & Taco Festival is right around the corner, coming up on November 11th, and two of KSPC’s own wanted to share who they are most excited to see perform. They are also super pumped about the ALL YOU…

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Get a Sneak Peek of the CD & Record Expo!!

Tomorrow from 10AM to 4PM the SCC Ballroom at Pomona College will be abuzz with music lovers, all partaking in the rewarding experience of sharing and discovering new music. With over 25 vendors selling vinyl, CDs, DVDs, 45s, posters and more, you're…

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