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Well hello hello humanoids! DJ Flesh Sweat here with my first official KSPC Blog ever!!! I have chills running down my spine with excitement. Why you ask? Because last night I had one of the best groups in all of L.A. live in our studios! The hell you say DJ Flesh Sweat? Cypress Hill was in the studio passing out hippie lettuce to you and your friends?! No! Im not talking about that band! What I am talking about is The Cobalt Cranes

The Cobalt Cranes is a kick ass Rock & Roll group from Los Angeles and they play for keeps ladies and gentledudes. Their awesome fuzz rock guitar and pounding drums makes this group a must listen to. If you’re a fan of bands like X, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or The Cramps then this is a band you want to check out. Yet, don’t let this list of old school greats fool you. This aint no regurgitated retro gag band ghouls and gals, The Colbalt Cranes are the real deal Holyfield and if you see a flier with their name posted all over it. Do your self a favor and check them out!