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Here’s a collaborative “Top 10” Playlist (in no particular order) from our wonderful Music Department staff and volunteers…

1.”Forgiven/Forgotten” – Angel Olsen
“I’ve listened to this song so much since I heard it for the first time a few days ago.”
2. “Maraca” - Sleater-Kinney
“Ali Marks showed me this song and it is the best song.”
3. “I Won’t Wait” – The Creases
“Australian band tries jangle pop; they succeed marvelously. Play this a lot.”
4. “Olive Island” – Thiefs 
“A jazz trio that uses electronic music to create a sound that could mirror the next great subgenre of jazz.”
5. “Kinski Assassin” – Ariel Pink
“Opening track off his newest album Mature Themes, this song is a bouncy, psychedelic journey loosely based on the life of Klaus Kinski (frequent feature in the films of Werner Herzog).”
6. “The Ghost on the Shore” – Lord Huron is “absolutely magical.”
7. “People” – Body Parts has a “mellow groove.”
8. “The Lion (Outro)” – Wise Blood is “so fun.”
9. “Does It Bring You Down” – Ski Lodge
“This song is off the newest album, Big Heart. I love it. It’s so quirky and fun, and just makes you smile.”
10. “I.O.U.” – Fol Chen
“Like a bad break-up in the best way possible.”