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Yessir Whatever

1. Quasimoto – Yessir Whatever (Stones Throw)

This album could’ve been great with just Madlib’s productions but his blunted irreverent ramblings as Quasimoto set it apart.

2. Tree – Sunday School II (Creative Control)

The sequel to Tree’s first Sunday School mixtape keeps the first’s pioneering soul trap sound and adds a new level of professionalism with a proper mix job.

3. clipping – midcity (s/r)

One of the most original albums of the year, harsh noise never sounded this good!

4. Knx – Anthology (Leaving/Stones Throw)

This hour plus collection of beats from Knx (aka Knxwledge) should cement the LA producer’s auteur status.

5. Blu – York! (Nature Sounds)

The long awaited proper follow up to Blu’s 2007 debut showcases production from some of LA’s top beat makers including Daedelus and Flying Lotus.

6. Serengeti – Kenny Dennis LP (anticon)

Serengeti raps as his peculiar alter-ego Kenny Dennis in one of the goofier albums of 2013. Odds Nosdam produces.

7. Jonwayne – Rap Album One (Stones Throw)

After a series of cassettes LA’s own Jonwayne drops his debut LP full of dense twisted-up rhymes and gorgeous sprawling beats.

8. Alexander Spit – A Breathtaking Trip to that Otherside (Decon)

Debut album from LA rapper/producer making classic underground hip-hop with a spacey druggy vibe.

9. LE1F – Fly Zone (Greedhead)

Following LE1F’s breakout single Wut from last year, Fly Zone proves he’s no one-hit wonder.

10. Fat Tony – Smart Ass Black Boy (Young Ones)

Debut LP from the Houston born rapper shows him to be one of the smartest, and funniest dudes rapping now.

-Eric, Hip-Hop Director