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Hey KSPC blog readers, site visitors and ever so wonderful listeners!

Maybe you think that the only cool thing about Tuesday, October 2nd is that it is the start of the month of Halloween (!!!) or that it is National Custodial Worker’s Day or that it is also the day to eat fried scallops and give your car a name. But you would be wrong in thinking that, my friend. October 2nd is ALSO College Radio Day!

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So lets all give thanks to KSPC for being around our ears, in our cars and on our computers for easy listening and enjoyment for so long. What college radio day really means is that on this day all the college radio stations world wide are banding together to acknowledge that we have not been bought out by large broadcasting corporations. So that is just so great!

This wonderful day is not only a day for us to pat our selves on the backs and say “hooray!”. You can join us and say “hooray!” too because we will be celebrating the holiday by giving away lots of concert tickets and basement tape bundles on air! So stay tuned you mighty supporters you. Keep listening, and you will be rewarded.

Visit the College Radio Day Website for more information about the organization and how other college stations are celebrating!