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Cusi Coyllur, the project consisting of siblings Kevin and Shannen Roberts, premiered their latest music video for the song “No Point in Stopping” earlier this week. The video opens with Shannen baring her heart as she plays piano and sings “no point in bringing up raw skin.” Cusi Coyllur distinguishes themselves from most live performances because of the odd set-up at this location: the piano Shannen is playing is at the top of Topanga Lookout in the Santa Monica Hills.

This piano, which earned the hashtag #piano90x, mysteriously appeared on March 30 and was wheeled away within two days. Before its disappearance, however, Cusi Coyllur persevered through the two mile hike to the top to film their debut music video.

Shannen’s raw, commanding vocals and her seemingly effortless navigation around missing or stuck piano keys perfectly encompass the emotions that should be visible in any live music video. Behind Shannen, we see a crowd of hikers that stopped to enjoy the free performance and a few people using iPhones to take pictures and video, no doubt for the opportunity to use the #piano90x hashtag with the last available wifi.

While Kevin does not make an appearance in the #piano90x segment of the music video, there is an added clip at the end of he and Shannen nodding their heads back and forth while he plays the ukulele. This acts as a quirky addition to the otherwise more serious video.

We hope to see more from this duo soon! Luckily, their debut EP Bipolar Lovers in Love will be released in the fall.

Check out the video below: