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Irene Diaz is an LA-based singer-songwriter. She played at Art After Hours during KSPC’s Week of Womyn and will be playing in the SoCal area later this month. We are pleased to share this email interview with Irene!

1. Has your identity shaped your experience as a musician and/or your decision to become one? If so, how?
My identity has definitely shaped my experience in the music industry. I’m Mexican American but people sometimes label me strictly in the “Latin” genre because of my last name. It doesn’t faze me, I believe that at the end of the day I’m a female singer-songwriter and a creative.

2. Do you think the independent music scene is more accessible for women and minorities?
I’d like to think so, I’m an independent musician who is using the tools to self promote myself—Facebook, Soundcloud, cd baby, band camp, youtube—I feel that if you have something to share with the world use your resources and put it out there. The Internet is open to everyone.

3. Why do you think women are so underrepresented in the arts? Are there ways to fight this that you have found productive?
I know it happens but I don’t let that intimidate me or stand in my way. I try to be as resourceful as possible and align myself with people that can help me figure out ways to go around those obstacles and break through the glass ceiling in order to keep doing what I love doing which is making and sharing my music.

4. What advice do you have for young women and minorities trying to enter the arts?
If you’re a young woman or minority in the arts don’t sell yourself short, keep making art and keep sharing it and never alter your art to make someone else happy. Be yourself.

5. Who do you find inspirational
Definitely my friends and my family…. and the situations and places I find myself in