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A sad prospect is on the horizon–there is only one more of KSPC’s “5-c Invasion” in-store shows at Rhino Records. Fortunately, this fourth and final show, happening this Sunday, April 15th, will be also be a joyous occasion since it features Pomona College’s very own Me Lacey Flowers (formerly known as Ryan Wieghard & the Abstract Truth)!

Me Lacey Flowers is a group of syncopators that got lost in a basement filled with left-handed acoustic guitars. Although being right-handed by birth, they didn’t let this stop them from jabbing at the strings and weeping when their father played them There’s A Riot Going On. The group features William Mullaney on the drums and Michael Stock-Matthews on the bass.

I know this post is a roller-coaster ride of emotion, since this glorious performance is a full 4 days away. But there’s more happy news–for those of you who can’t bear to wait until Sunday, Me Lacey Flowers will be doing an in-studio at 11pm TONIGHT on Flower Hours with Lilly.

Stream online at or turn your radio dials to 88.7 tonight to hear Me Lacey Flowers, and if you find yourself mystically drawn to Rhino Records in the village around 3 pm on Sunday afternoon, don’t fear, it is just the divine forces that have culminated from the last three weeks of wonderful local music beckoning you.