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Tune in to “Flowerhours” tomorrow, Tuesday 11/29, from 4-6pm to hear a special guest DJ set with Andy Thacker Todryk (aka Vacation Dad and an organizer of FMLY Fest 2011). Two hours of hot jams from those performing at the upcoming music festival, including So Many Wizards, W.H.I.T.E., Stay Col Forever, and the Cosmonauts!

[FYI – FMLY Fest 2011 is “the third annual installment of Los Angeles’ biggest, wildest, friendliest D.I.T. (do-it-together) music and arts festival. On December 29th and 30th we invite you to our open gathering: a two day long celebration of our FMLY and FRNDS representing an international community of artists, musicians, activists, free thinkers, and like-minded social do-gooders. Last year we hosted 35 bands, 15 artists, and 2,500 new and old friends over two days and four spaces. Since then we�ve become passionate about a whole lot more and we want to share as much amazing stuff with you as we can.”]