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KSPC’s staff supports 7Cs for Black Lives Matter’s call to action and the urgent and necessary task of addressing institutional racism and anti-Blackness within the Claremont Colleges community.

In line with our mission to be a diverse, education and inclusive space, highlight underrepresented artists and engage the community, we will continue our ongoing work to use our platform to promote a more just and equitable world and to decolonize our own space, especially in the music industry.  

We believe that our programming decisions to center Black artists and educational materials on social justice, disability justice, and prison abolition are as important as ever. We strive to support these causes through all our actions as a station, not just with the music we play but also the messages we send and the presence we contribute to the greater campus and Inland Empire communities. 

Over the past couple weeks, we have encouraged our DJs to increase their circulation of community messages that inform our listeners about the prison-industrial complex, policing and abolition, as well as groups in Southern California and beyond that are working to empower disenfranchised groups, including Dignity & Power Now, the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Justice Warriors 4 Black Lives and the Budget to Save Lives. We’ve also brought our listeners long-form educational content from producers like Building Bridges Radio, Making Contact and The Laura Flanders Show to help bring scholars of abolition, mutual aid, reparations and liberation to the forefront.

As a media platform, we must remain accountable to ourselves and our community for the effects of our actions. One opportunity for your support is the 5 Colleges, 1 Cause campaign, organized by the student governments across all five campuses to benefit the Black AIDS Institute, the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, the Equal Justice Initiative, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Marshall Project. We’ll use this space in the coming weeks to amplify more about what our on-campus community is doing to support the Black Lives Matter movement.