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Inland Empire troubadour and KSPC Blowout veteran John Thill performs at 8 PM this Friday (12/5) at Ecoterra in the Claremont village. Formerly of Quem Quaeritis, Aum Rifle, and a handful of short-lived side projects, Thill has a new album coming out soon on Unread Records based around the future of the Los Angeles suburbs, in particular West Covina, when fuel is no longer plentiful. Here is the video for “Cynic’s Sin,” the single off his most recent album (“Heart of Grime” on Shrimper Records):

As Ecoterra is a health market rather than a concert venue, it is unclear where the show will be. Behind the holistic medicine counter? In the organic summer sausage cooler? Perhaps within a large bag of trans-fat free kettle chips?

Ecoterra is located at 1 N Indian Hill Blvd in Claremont, as part of the New Village expansion. Grab a 6-pack of organic beer and check out some tunes! You never know, maybe this will happen: