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Were you aware that KSPC DJs occasionally moonlight as vigilante crimestoppers? Last week, DJ Zeitgeist, aka Zach Lester, aka “Zack” Lester, laid down some two-fisted, extra-curricular justice! From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

CLAREMONT – A former Claremont High School wrestling captain on Wednesday morning used his mat skills to pin a stolen car suspect to the ground. Gabriel Acosta, 25, drove in a stolen car from West Covina to Claremont, before he exited and ran through some residential backyards, according to the California Highway Patrol.

He was stopped by Zack Lester.

Lester, who, as the Bulletin graciously adds, “hosts the 88.7 KSPC-FM radio show Lovelectric,” prevented Acosta from entering the home where Lester’s mother and brother were sleeping. A report from the Claremont Courier is due out soon.

Zach has been a valued volunteer, DJ, and e-staffer since 2006, and we’re glad he came out okay! He adds, “I’m not really mad at the guy and hope that he’s provided with the opportunity to go into addiction recovery.”

You can hear Lovelectric on Tuesdays from 8-10 PM this summer.