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A few weeks back KSPC had the pleasure of bringing Lealani/The Pezheads to Art After Hours. Check out the reflection and photos below to relive her captivating performance! 


Thursdays are the craziest days of the week, but Art After Hours is always the high point of the mayhem. The prospect of good snacks, crafts, friends and live music consistently gets me through the day. I’m usually pretty excited about KSPC sponsored Art After Hours but I was over the moon about the Pezhead’s performance. As news spread that they were coming to perform at Pomona more and more of the DJs expressed their love for their two albums which had been added to KSPC’s library over the summer. Their reputation also preceded them. Word had gotten around that the Pezheads was not a full band but rather the solo project of local Pomona city teenager Lealani Teano, who had single-handedly put out two albums over the summer.

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The Pezheads were the second act of the night. After the lively student band the Details performed, the crowd became more subdued as Teano took the stage. This petite girl in a strawberry sundress occupied the space as confidently as any four-piece band. She did two sets of songs from her two wildly different albums. First she quickly set up an electric guitar and a laptop for her “Pezheads” songs. After two mechanical clicks, the computer would play the sounds of the accompanying instruments while Teano strummed along, singing clearly over the mixture of sounds. Once the crowd was hooked, she packed away her guitar and transitioned to her electric, homemade beats off the album “Sea of Mars”. KSPC DJs in the audience went wild and those hearing her for the first time nodded along. Her songs were sensational and they sounded even better live than the recordings we had all been playing. I call myself a fan of almost every performer at Art After Hours, but Lealani Teano won my heart for the evening. All the music lovers here at KSPC can’t wait to hear more from her.


Reflection by Madeline Helland, Photos by Madeline Helland and Cleo Spencer