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KSPC brought Feeling Feelings to play at Art After Hours on September 24th. Check out these pics taken by our awesome student volunteer, Emily Macune, and read her thoughts on the show! Then don’t forget to stop by this Thursday’s Art After Hours, at the Pomona College Museum of Art, for more music brought to you by KSPC. 


I felt some good vibes. Although Feeling Feelings songs are rock driven punk jams, Kate Dwyer (the lead singer) talked about the good vibes she was feeling, keeping the mood chill and fun while the band rocked out during Art After Hours.


I felt like I made some new friends. Every couple of songs, Kate Dwyer would introduce the other Kate (the drummer) and Erika Paget (the bass player), making sure that I wouldn’t forget who I was bonding with through the music. The only reason that we aren’t best friends now is that I never got a chance to yell my name out in between songs as well. After the band’s last song, Kate Dwyer also mentioned that she thought it was “cool partying with all of of [her] fans.”


I felt like I was in the desert. I mean yes, Feeling Feelings was playing in the warm climate of SoCal, and it had gotten up to about 98 degrees earlier that day, but Kate Dwyer’s colorful cactus dress helped me to appreciate the geography of Claremont.

Version 2

I felt like I was partying in a cave. After the band finished one of their emotional songs that consisted of lots of yelling, Kate Dwyer commented on how much she liked the echoes of the corner right next to the Pomona College Museum of Art they were playing in. She also continually urged everyone to come closer so that we could all be more physically together, making me feel like we were all partying in a small cave with great acoustics.


Recreate the event in the comfort of your home by listening to Feeling Feelings’ bandcamp while you read!