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The Night Control album “Death Control” was #1 at KSPC for quite a while, so we were pretty excited to find out that the first ever live Night Control show will happen this Saturday, July 18th at the Smell!

And our friends at Kill Shaman have advised us to come early, the show will start at 8PM with Night Control starting off the night, followed by Bipolar Bear, Pterodactyl, Christmas Island and Meth Teeth.

Night Control

Update/Disclaimer: This post and the post containing a review of Night Control’s “Death Control” album on this site were recently brought to my attention in the context of my current membership in the band. To clarify, at the times that both posts were written in 2009 I was not a member of Night Control, nor was my involvement in the band anticipated in any way at that point. I joined the band in 2010 to play live shows as the drummer and to date have not been on any of the Night Control recordings played on KSPC, nor have I personally played Night Control recordings on KSPC since joining the band. Per the FCC’s plugola rules (and as a matter of integrity), KSPC staff and volunteers are prohibited from playing their own bands, bands on their record label(s), or otherwise announcing any event or anything else in which they have a financial interest. When or if Night Control records show up on the charts at KSPC, it is because KSPC DJs have chosen to play the album. If the KSPC concert calendar includes Night Control shows (among the 20-30 other concerts mentioned for the week), it is because our student staff have chosen to include the concert — and the inclusion is not in violation of FCC rules. — Erica Tyron, Director of College Radio at KSPC 6/20/2016