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I’ve been waiting for so long… I bought my ticket early in July. The thought of seeing them live was incredibly satisfying in of itself. I even made a mixtape of the ideal set list and tried to familiarize myself with their new album “Write About Love.”
Enough said.

But you know how time flies once the semester starts… eekkk it’s Oct. 3rd, this Sunday! “Show starts 7PM.”
After cramming days of studying, I was more anxious about my econ exam than the show itself…. Ran to the metrolink in flip flops and dress at max speed…. missed the train anyways. Next metrolink comes 2hrs later…. damn.
Frantically took the Foothill transit, then the silver streak. Got to union station around the same time if I were to take the next metrolink, took a taxi and got there at 7:32 but even commercial shows never start on time.

8:00 – 9:00 LA local warm up band Jenny and Johnny perform. They sound like White-Stripes-wannabes. Yet the crowd actually really liked them and some even knew the lyrics….

Stuart, the lead, danced to the opening song “I Didn’t See it Coming”. Sometimes he gets too cute…
He had spontaneous interactions with the audience.
It was a heart-warming show.
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Certain funny moments (which may not seem funny to you here):
After ‘Step into My Office’, someone in the audience starts smoking weed. The smell is so obvious even Stuart notices and sniffs hyperbolically. Makes a funny comment and tells a story about an encounter with an American police officer the other day. Stuart told him that he never did any drugs. The police officer didn’t believe him ’cause he’s a musician. “Now I can say I’ve done it.”

“Someone in the band has been working out. Bonus if you can guess…. I’ve been practicing yoga lately. Yeah you must be thinking I’m such a hippie. Totally into that shit.” – Stuart

There were competitive audience requests after B&S performed a new song. Stevie said that “all the requests are already on the set list…” Stuart commented that he wasn’t so used to these fierce requests because they’ve been touring around South East Asia for the summer, “places with quiet and polite people,” I cheered that, the rest of the crowd didn’t take it well, Stuart quickly added they liked the requests nevertheless, new experience etc.

The requests eventually changed from specific titles to ppl yelling “play all the songs I like”
then they played one of my favorite songs, ‘Another Sunny Day.’

Stuart: “It’s a Sunday night and we’re all groovin'”
The band shares a gin and tonic brought to them by “an angel with a beard and black t-shirt” while Mick, the bass / trumpet looks at Stuart in a mock-stern fashion.

“We’ve all got big cheesy grins on our faces backstage… I don’t know if it’s got something to do with this place,” Murdoch wondered, “we do love California.”
He even slipped into a Liverpool accent that only the band members realized…

(and then it was the hectic journey back. I unfortunately had to wait until 6am for the metrolink cuz i ran out of cash for the late night silver streak…. speaking of excruciating trips to LA…)

Set List:
I Didn’t See it Coming
I’m a Cuckoo (Stuart looked at me when singing ‘funny shoes’ and hit his head with the mic during ‘I’m a cuckoo’)
Step Into My Office Baby
Piazza, New York Catcher
The Loneliness Of A Middle-Distance Runner (he changed the lyrics from “Walk to the station” to “run to the station,” which coincided with my previous experience…)
I Want the World to Stop
Sukie in the Graveyard (“Is anyone doubling up at the graveyard [Oct.5th show]? wow, we’ll have to come up rehearse new songs by then”)
(I Believe In) Travellin’ Light
Another Sunny Day (Stuart pointed at one of the audience when he sang “Bring us both eyes to eyes”)
Lazy Line Painter Jane
There’s Too Much Love (special guest Jenny is on stage to cover)
[Stuart invites audiences to dance on stage for the next two songs] The Boy with the Arab Strap
If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
Judy Dreams of Horses
— ——-
Come back – Me and the Major