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Powerhourfb3 A Comic Culture Cast analyzing the latest comic book news in every form. Power Hour breaks down stories and characters for newcomers to the genre. We take a critical look at the social issues that are present in this media and how they are represented.
  • Remember that cliffhanger from Episode 10? We dive right back into the first Supergirl story arc from Supergirl Volume 5 along with who we want to see appear in the MCU such as Ms. Marvel! Marvel Comic’s solo series focuses on a young girl from New Jersey who is growing up Muslim in the United States and is an avid fan of superheroes. She is more than ready to dive in when she discovers her Inhuman powers!
  • Find us at and email us at [email protected] for discussion topics, questions, and stories that you would like to share!
  • Listen Live every Sunday from 9:00am-11:00am!