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Adam Lipman - From Your Mouth To God's Ears (Shrimper)
Adam Lipman is a former Riverside resident who I believe now lives in the Bay Area. However, the internet tells me that this record was recorded in Salt Lake City. Like most of his previous works, Lipman uses music as a vessel to bring his poetic lyrics to the public. The dominant themes on this album are love, love lost, religion, and repentance. Lipman sets himself apart from the pack with personal and powerful lyrics, excellent use of drums and piano/keys, and his fractured voice (a cross between Bret Lunsford, Whitman, and a medieval bard). If you like Whitman, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Daniel Johnston, or D+, imagine them all going through break-ups and recording a album while grappling with issues of higher powers. You’ll enjoy this newest release on the estimable (and local!) Shrimper Records.

-Fleet Admiral Zipper