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Blanketship - The Sound Of Fun Surrounds You/Klangwunder (Gigante Sound)

Blanketship, AKA, turntable-list Jared Blum of San Francisco, has (gracefully) spit out his fourth album, ‘The Sound of Fun Surrounds You/Klangwunder’. Beware of the bizarre alien sounds in KLANGWUNDER! Blanketship’s conduction takes us on a ride through a collage of old-school underground beats and clips, and proceeds to take us up and out of this world. The collages are slightly subtler than pop collagists like Girl Talk. Meshed together: the song of pinball machinery and other video games, Simon and Garfunky folk sounds, loony ominous xmas tunes, crackly kaleidoscopic sounds of the non-western, tropical, a 50s British housewife robot, tribal chants, and horror. See also: J Dilla, RJD2, Girl Talk