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Alpineelrey 026 (photo by DJ Zomb-E)

Is it possible to have your mind blown multiple times at a show by two amazing bands? The answer is yes, yes, and yes!!!! The show with Alpine and Crystal Fighters was so incredible it was definitely a double headliner. The crowd was captivated and fully in the moment during each band’s performance. Alpine started it off strong with their serene dreamy vocals that compliment their smooth and sexy tunes. The sounds that come out of their instruments and the melodies with their vocals are so incredible and to top it off they bring the energy out in their live performance while dancing and singing on stage. The massive crowd was dancing from all sides and thoroughly enjoying each song. Their set included Seeing Red, Softsides, Forever, Hands, Too Safe, Gasoline, and Villages. While it is difficult for me to choose a favorite because all of their tracks stand so strongly on their own, I would say my top 3 from the night were Softsides, Too Safe, and Gasoline. Their recordings are wonderful but their live performance is phenomenal. The same can be said for Crystal Fighters who were on next. Finding a way to replicate their recorded tropical sounds on stage with loads of percussion instruments and each member doing more than their part makes for a successful sound. A sound that not only had the whole crowd singing and dancing along but set the tone for happiness. Crystal Fighters sing about happiness and love and that was the entire vibe in the El Rey that night. Some memorable tracks from their set included Champion Sound, LA Calling, Follow, I Do This Everyday, Love Natural, Wave, and You and I. They followed up their set with an encore that started off with I Love London. This British/Spanish alternative dance band had everyone moving the whole time and repeatedly expressed their love for LA, let me tell you the feeling was mutual. To be at such an amazing show was so memorable and Alpine represented Australian musicians well. I really hope both bands come back to LA soon. There is no doubt that both of these artists will be doing more amazing things soon so keep your eyes out for them!!!!
– DJ Zomb-E