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So the spotlight’s on the music in Calgary, AB Canada for me right now. One of my specialties: meeting random people. The past few months, an uncanny number of them seem to be from Calgary, and I can’t get enough of the music they’re sharing. Some bands to look into (click band names for their myspaces!):

Azeda Booth– Dreamy ethereal vocals over catchy kit beats equal music perfect for just about any mood any season any situation. After pestering one of the members over and over again where I could buy their music, he just kept saying “download it. download it. download it.” So here’s where you download it.

Also, check out this lovely video for their song “Kensington”

Hunter-Gatherer- Was described to me before seeing them live as feeling like you’re falling into the fields of a prairie. lo-fi rock recordings, and some talented musicians.

Gobble Gobble- So I don’t think they’re technically from calgary…But they are Canadian (Edmonton? Vancouver?), and if you want an incredibly high-energy man man-esque live show (complete with costumes and amazing props), PLEASE catch this band on their self-described “mobile rave infini-tour 2010” (for all the dates) They hit LA August 14th at McWorld’s. No really, don’t miss it.

Other Calgary bands to check out:

  • Friendo– Drummer of aforementioned Azeda Booth as well as Women , the biggest band to come out of Calgary recently (I’d say). Their press release describes their sound as “’90’s experimental rock, ’70’s punk and ’60’s pop.” Sweet.
  • Fist City– kickass twin sisters + their band.
  • Bikeland– If you want a louder, more garage rock type feel, Bikeland is where you wanna listen.
  • Silver Dapple– actually from montreal. really into these two songs. unfortunately there’s still only two songs

Enjoy folks! -Erin