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Baths is the moniker of outer-LA native Will Wiesenfeld. At all of 21 years, Wiesenfeld has made his name as a producer, musician and remix master on the LA scene. That may be over-stating it just a little bit, but what he’s doing is certainly impressive. Even more impressive is Cerulean, his first album under the name Baths out on Anticon Records now.

Cerulean is lush electro-pop, dense or floating in all the right places, sometimes all at once. It is wonderfully conceived and spans several genres and scenes, from the cosmic glitch-hop of Flying Lotus, to the ambient to the  straight-forward electronic pop of Passion Pit’s Chunk of Change. The record flows and is a joy to listen to from beginning to end. I feel like I’m writing his mid-semester high school report or grading a paper, but if Cerulean was a final essay, and I was Wiesenfeld’s teacher, it would be the one I’d keep to show new students how to do it right.