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Ty Segall – Melted

Ty Segall has got to be one of the most prolific musicians recording and performing right now. The kid has been in something like 10 different bands (Epsilons, Party Fowl, Sic Alps, and Traditional Fools to name a few) and released a plethora of songs on 7″ splits, compilations and more. Not to mention the 3 full-length albums he has released in the last two years. What is most impressive about Ty Segall (like the bird) is that almost everything he releases is solid. He’s working at a success rate of about 95% which is damn good. Melted is his latest full-length release  put out by the legendary Goner Records and it is nothing to scoff at.

Melted is 11 tracks of  rock n’ roll gold. The melodies and hooks sound familiar, like old 60s frat-rock records your parents may or may not have had or you may or may not have gotten into by way of this whole west-coast 60s revival thing, but the familiarity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It prepares you for the wash of fuzz and occasional forays into noise that Melted offers. Even when Segall interjects 70s psych or distorted, crackling vocals into his fairly straightforward record it works because of his understanding of what makes a pop song work. My favorite part of the record however is Segall’s voice. His vocal abilities are impressive, and although he seems to hate to rely on it to define a song the way he did on his self-titled debut, it gives his music an air of authenticity and nostalgia that many revival bands of today can’t cash in on.

Ty Segall is immensely talented and one of my favorite musicians of the last few years so I’m more than happy to recommend his  latest work to fans of garage rock, psych,  The Beatles, The Iguanas, Nuggets and gosh, anyone who loves a good rock n’ roll song.

Star tracks are: Girlfriend, Finger, Caesar, Sad Fuzz and Imaginary Person

You can see Ty play live at The Smell this coming Wednesday August 4th, with KSPC favs The Moonhearts! Show is 5 bucks and starts at 9

-DJ Mandy Manray