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Treasures lurking in KSPC's vinyl library

Welcome to the Big Dig! This is DJ Ignatz, delivering some treasures I’ve found lurking in KSPC’s miraculous vinyl library…

First up, a song from Final Countdown, a compilation of garage mod groups.

The track I was most drawn to was The Crawdaddys’ “Why Don’t You Smile Now.”

It’s a rough and simple pop groove–sort of feels like it’s correcting itself throughout, but it keeps up a totally perfect momentum from start to finish.

Well no wonder! Turns out the song wasn’t a Crawdaddys’ original, but can be traced back to 1965. The composer credits to “Why Don’t You Smile Now” contain what may very well be the most promising 8 letter combination you can find on any record sleeve anywhere : “Reed/Cale.”

Well okay, the song’s credits actually read “Phillips – Vance – Reed – Cale,” but however you throw it, “Why Don’t You Smile Now” is the first known collaboration of our dear friends Louie Reed and Johnny Cale, performed originally by The All Night Workers. And when the Crawdaddys recorded it in 1980, it was released as a B-side to their cover of “There She Goes Again.” OK Crawdaddys, we get it, enough VU already*.



*Never enough VU. That’s a completely absurd concept!

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