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Kohoutek Battle of the Bands- Not Quite a Battle, More Like a Family Reunion!

By Vivian Ponte-Fritz

This year’s Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival will feature four student bands in their fantastic two-day celebration on the mounds. The festival is not until April 20th but this weekend a battle went down to determine who would make it to the poundin moundin stage. The Grove house hosted the battle last Friday night, bringing in the crowds of fans. A crowd of cheers and mild moshing, in Pitzer performance tradition, was enthralled by the performances by

The Salteen Sea

Jorf’s Egg


Water Serpents

Jack Higgins

Alycia Lang

Los Elefantes


Riley Lake

and  Big Body Nation.

The winners have now been determined (Big Body Nation, Jorf’s Egg, KCW and Sugarpine), but on friday night emotions were running high and everyone pulled out their big guns. Salteen Sea’s famous track Puppies invited friends and family to sing along, Jorf’s Egg crooned dark love songs to rockin rhythms and Sugarpine harmonized the heck out of everyone’s adoring ears. I was running back and forth all over the campuses over the evening so I did not catch all the performances But I did witness the sweet sounds of Jack Higgins and Alycia Lang. Their somewhat entwined sounds both pulled at my heart strings and made me proud to be a Pitzer kid. Their bands were both engaging, emotional and relatable. The night was rounded out by the jazzy set by last year’s Reggae Fest stars, Big Body Nation.

I don’t mean to down play the sure success of the other bands presented, I have heard from many people who did see all the bands that each and everyone, in their own unique sounds brought their very best for their 15 minute sets.

The nature of a show with such short sets and such diverse genres is sure to be somewhat confusing and odd, but also definitely sure to keep us on our feet.

Applause to all who participated in the battle, and all who saw the glory that it was.



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