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Hello all,

This new year at KSPC will be filled with lots of excitement. You can expect:

more posts about upcoming bands

our awesome top 20 list of albums

more spotlight interviews and favorite songs and albums of our staff

concert reviews

in-studio performance alerts and


If there is anything that you readers appreciated in last semester’s posts or that you have seen in the past please feel free to comment and share what you want to see in this beautiful blog of ours.

Furthermore, to get you all excited about events, music, culture, life and reading I will share a few things!

The Grove House, at Pitzer College had a stelar performance that was totally free last Friday! This is no new thing for the Grive House. Excellent Lunch spot by day, excellent venue by night. Keep your eyes and ears open for more announcements about shows that are happening there, they are open to all, you do not have to be a Claremont College Student, they usually serve beer, and they are always free!

Here’s a video of one of their stellar performances!