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Twin Sister performs with elegance

Okay okay, I just saw Twin Sister at The Echo on Friday February 3rd:  pace yourselves because the lineup was so great that I have a lot to say about each band and the entire experience. Talkdemonic was an excellent and strong start to the show. The lights weren’t the only thing amazing going on with their set, their purely instrumental songs were like a brilliant breath of fresh air to the ears. This Portland duo uses violin, drums, and concertina to create a carefully constructed garage-indie-electro-rock infused with classical sound. Their sound was purely unique and impressive; I enjoyed every minute of it.

They were followed up by Ava Luna, originally from New York.  I got into their set more after the 1st or 2nd song. They’ve got soul with some doo-wop in their sound.  They reminded me a little of Fitz and the Tantrums but slower paced and with vocals that are more soulful. Their vocals make you feel as if you’re traveling back in time, but the music is infiltrated with spacey sounds. This is the type of band that will grow on you, especially if you dig bands with the old school vibes.  After both opening bands sets it was so clear why the show was sold out. Twin Sister hadn’t even gone on yet and both bands brought it to the table in their own ways.

Last but not least, Twin Sister got on stage.  They have a way of performing with the same amount of elegance that is presented in their music. Not only do they sound incredible live, but they have a good stage presence.  The lead singer has certain mannerisms throughout her performance and with these simple hand motions she is able to suggest a tenderness about herself and the music to the audience. If you enjoy their albums I suggest you see their live show sometime when they are in your town.  This show was more than likely sold out simply for Twin Sister alone and the other awesome bands were like bonuses on a chocolate sundae. They had the crowd dancing along with them the whole time and they even stuck around to meet their fans at the merch table afterward. A class act through and through.  They had a semi-acoustic encore which was wonderful. Twin Sister is a dreamy band indeed.  My friend saw a girl getting hit in the face by another girl and actually saw two people faint–this girl in the middle and a guy stage-left who took a stage light with him as he fell. They were the unlucky ones who didn’t get to see the whole show.

So there is my recap.  Hope you give each of these bands a listen.

Photo and review by Erynne Miller