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Veterans of Future Wars: More Than A Blip On Your Radar

Vofw At Boardner's

By DJ Zomb-E

Or at least this local band should be. I had the pleasure of having Veteranse of Future Wars on my radio show in the fall. This dynamic duo is definitely on my list of bands to watch. They are an instrumental band that features sick drums, brilliant beats, and all sorts of electronic fun. The collaboration between Ray and Casey provides the perfect soundtrack for dreams and random adventures. They also have a trumpet player who joins them on certain tracks. It is clear that instrumental music is making a comeback. The live performance can’t be justified by the recordings but even so the recordings are wonderful. They put a lot of dedication into what they do and you can really tell by the music they create. Keep your eye out because these guys will blow up. It is only a matter of time . They were kind enough to send KSPC an exclusive track so fresh off the press is their track called “Results May Vary”

Their links can be found below
[email protected]