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Will It Blend #7: Indie Pop

Indie pop: what does that even mean? The confusing history of “pop” and “indie” complicate what should be a simple issue. The fact is the term indie pop has expanded far beyond the literal meaning. Theoretically, indie would refer to music that is independently produced. Over time, though, it has expanded to include music that […]

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Eric’s 2013 Hip-Hop “Top10”

TOP 10 KSPC HIP-HOP ALBUMS OF 2013 1. Quasimoto – Yessir Whatever (Stones Throw) This album could’ve been great with just Madlib’s productions but his blunted irreverent ramblings as Quasimoto set it apart. 2. Tree – Sunday School II (Creative Control) The sequel to Tree’s first Sunday School mixtape keeps the first’s pioneering soul trap […]

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