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Will It Blend #8: Humor

Think of your favorite humorous song. Got it? Now ask yourself whether it makes your list of top ten songs. My favorite humor song is probably “Kitty” by POTUS. It’s hilarious the first time you hear it, and has a…

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Will It Blend #7: Indie Pop

Indie pop: what does that even mean? The confusing history of “pop” and “indie” complicate what should be a simple issue. The fact is the term indie pop has expanded far beyond the literal meaning. Theoretically, indie would refer to…

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Will It Blend #5: Rockin’ Swing

Beware, there are epidemics on the loose. Swing, no matter if you know swing styles of dance or not, has been known to cause involuntary body bouncin’, uncontrollable shakin’, and stylish struttin’ among listeners. Rock, meanwhile, seems to cause violent…

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Will It Blend 2: Powwow-Step

The first thing I heard was rhythmic drumming, and an electronic, voice-like synthesizer. Then the speakers exploded with Native American chanting. I was thus introduced to A Tribe Called Red, a Canadian band that blends elements of “First Nation” music…

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Will It Blend: Minimalist Post-Rock

Greetings to the KSPC community! I’m experimenting with a feature idea called “Will It Blend?” that deals with a new music-esque question every week or so. It is meant to provoke thought, so feel free to leave loads of comments.…

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