Event Preview: Cinefamma Pajama Party III: Labyrinth shown w/Return To Oz + KSPC’s DJ Dia spinning!


11/27 @ 8:00pm
Cinefamma Pajama Party III:
Labyrinth shown with Return To Oz!!!

Youíre the babes with the power — what power? The power of voodoo — who do? You do — what? Remind me of the babes! Calling all babes, ladies, and girly girls: get your finest PJs on, and get ready to party with the Cinefamily for the third installment of our Cinefamma Pajama Parties. Join us for a night of slumber party favorites, crafts, snacks, and letís not forget — DANCE PARTY! No boys allowed — ok, whatever, like we even care, we guesssssss boys can come. Jeez. DJ Dia (KSPC-The Songs for the Whippersnapper Show) will be here to play tunes before and after the films!

Labyrinth – 8:00pm-ish & Return To Oz – 10:00pm-ish
Tickets – $12/free for members, Click here to purchase tickets!
Cinefamily / 611 N Fairfax Ave. / Los Angeles / 90036 / 323-655-2510 / www.cinefamily.org


  1. odigger - January 4, 2011


    I have read some comments on here about how 1984 has aged well, and I would agree, I tend to like it a bit more now days. I was a teenager in the early 80? s and VH was THE band! VH1- Diver Down are like the soundtracks to my teenage years. Every keg…

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