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DJs Maru and Lily played some jams between sets.

KSPC rung in its 56th birthday on Friday, February 17th with cupcakes, dancing, and some of our favorite bands at Pehrspace on Glendale Boulevard. Letters started the night off by encircling the audience with yarn; their set was low-key and got everyone swaying together in a tangled little bunch. Habits played a high energy set that was both brooding and upbeat (you can download their song “Oranges” here). Poppet’s performance was full of glitter, spandex, frilly unitards, and other surprises—the best of which was a duet with the last act of the night, The Space Age Bachelor. As always, Poppet charmed the pants off of everyone, including herself, as she streaked through the crowd covered in red paint during her final song, stopping to whisper in people’s ears. Just as our feet were threatening to expire from too much dancing, The Space Age Bachelor came on with an ambient 30 minute dance jam that was too mesmerizing to sit down for. By the end of the night, the cupcakes were all gone and the glitter, confetti, and American flags that littered the floor were all that remained of a glorious celebration.